Sunday, 4 September 2011

Sunday Stamps 34 - Fishing

Here's my contribution to this week's Sunday Stamps. This is a First Day Cover from September 1981, commemorating the British fishing industry. The insert of the envelope refers to the abundance of cod, which is now sadly depleted in our waters. I did see a very good documentary featuring a number of chefs, Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsay, etc., talking about eating sustainable fish, as opposed to those in danger. There's a whole wealth of information on The Big Fish Fight web site.

First Day Cover, Fishing, c.1981



  1. Things have certainly changed since the stamps were issued. The stamps capture the seafarers very well.

  2. That's an interesting series of stamps. Frozen cod used to be the cheapest fish I saw in the stores, but that is no longer true here.

  3. I remember this set. There are a few other stamp sets involving fish, I really should look them out.

  4. Fine set of stamps; shame that the industry has been decimated - quota systems and all.

  5. wow! I love these stamps! Esp. since i love First day covers, regardless the topic they are on...and this one features such neat stamps with such nice colours!

    And bit out of context, but I admire Jamie Oliver :)

  6. American fishing has been badly hurt too. What hard work is shown here.
    I am late in commenting b/c of a huge windstorm here. I was without electricity (and no internet!) for 36 hours.


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