Friday, 28 September 2012

Sepia Saturday 145 - George Best

I don't have any sepia items related to football, apart from perhaps my ability to play, which is definitely on the sepia side. My footballing these days is now done mainly as a spectator, with the very occasional game of footie in the garden with the kids, who are all much better than I ever was. However I do have this vintage postcard of the famous footballer George Best which seems an appropriate match for this week's Sepia Saturday. The photograph shown on the postcard was taken by Sefton Samuels in 1968, and was sold to support the National Portrait Gallery in London.

Vintage postcard of George Best

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Sunday, 23 September 2012

Sepia Saturday 144 - Admiralty Arch, London

For the 2nd week running I have been almost too busy to participate in Sepia Saturday. The only plus side of this morning's dark and damp weather is that I have managed to find a few minutes to produce a submission, albeit not on theme this week. The vintage postcards below are of Admiralty Arch in London, which sits at the opposite end of the Mall to Buckingham Palace. When I used to have meetings in our old office in the Strand, instead of getting the tube across from Paddington I would oftern walk down through Hyde Park, Green Park, and then along the Mall, going under Admiralty Arch before weaving my way along the Strand to the office.

Admiralty Arch, London

Admiralty Arch, showing the Mall and Buckingham Palace, London

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Thursday, 6 September 2012

Sepia Saturday 142 - Coracle Men

As I've blogged various hats in the past, I have decided not to stick with the theme for this week's Sepia Saturday, although there are a couple of hats in my choice. The vintage postcard below shows the Cenarth Bridge, in Wales, and Coracle Men. A coracle is a small lightweight boat, used for river fishing, and small enough to be carried on the back of the fisherman.

Vintage postcard of Cenarth Bridge and Coracle Men, published by Valentine

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Monday, 3 September 2012

Vintage postcards of Southport

Southport is yet another place I have only visited through my vintage postcard collection, but there's enough here to make me want to pay a visit one day. Originally part of Lancashire, but now in Merseyside, it lies on the west cost between Liverpool and Preston. To be honest I don't know quite what to make of these vintage postcards though. They are all real photographs but have, I assume, been colour-tinted somehow. Some of the colour detail is quite delicate and intricate, whereas other parts of it is quite bold and garish.

Good luck from Southport

In Hesketh Park, Southport

Southport multiview

The Promenade, Southport

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