Friday, 26 November 2010

Artist drawn vintage postcards of Clovelly, Devon

I really wish I had some Thanksgiving postcards to share along with all the great ones posted on the various blogs I follow, but in the UK it's not something we celebrate and I've never even come across any. I was almost tempted to start blogging my Christmas postcards but will hold off until December if I can. So, for my submission to Postcard Freindship Friday this week, I've decided to share some vintage postcards of Clovelly in North Devon. Most of the postcards of Clovelly I've had in the past are of the hill leading to/from the harbour and beach, but these 3 are actually of the harbour and beach. All 3 are artist drawn postcards, published by Raphael Tuck, but only the 2nd one has an artist name, G.H.Jenkins. None of them have been posted but I would guess the date to be early 1900's.

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Thursday, 25 November 2010

Where's all the snow we were promised?

My kids all got very excited earlier this week when they heard there was going to be snow this week, and no doubt are expecting their school to be closed allowing them to enjoy hours of snowman building and snowballing like last winter. However, apart from the odd flek around lunchtime we saw nothing so I suspect when they get home from school they'll be disappointed. Whilst I can't make it snow, I can share this snowy vintage postcard from 1907. It's deliberately not an overtly Christmas postcard (yet) as I want to reserve those firmly for December.

A Snow Idyll, in the Palace Yard, Gloucester, published by Burrow

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Saturday, 20 November 2010

Vintage postcards of Chanctonbury Ring, Sussex

Having recently stumbled across these 2 wonderful vintage postcards of Chanctonbury Ring in Sussex, it's become yet another place to add to my "to be visited" list. Chanctonbury Ring is a hill fort and artifacts found there suggest it was constructed around the 6th or 5th century BC. Various legends surround the ring, including increasing fertility and summoning the devil ... might be tricky though if bits of those rituals get mixed up !! Both postcards are published by J.Salmon Ltd., and although have no artist name or initials on the cards, they do look very like something that A.R.Quinton might have painted - anyone know for sure?

Chanctonbury Ring, Wiston Pond, South Downs

Chanctonbury Ring and Dew Pond

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Sepia Saturday - Weston-Super-Mare

A couple of my favorite sepia vintage postcards are these 2 of Weston-Super-Mare. Neither are postally used so unfortunately I have no idea of the date. Often jokingly called Weston-Super-Mud, I think these 2 postcards dispell that myth somewhat. I wonder if that diving board is still there, or whether health and safety have closed it down ... or even whether the outdoor pool is there?

Weston-Super-Mare, the Bathing Pools and Marine Lake

Weston-Super-Mare, the Swimming Pool

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Friday, 12 November 2010

Sepia Saturday - Jenny and Peter

I picked up this photo postcard a few weeks ago. It features a seated woman and a standing man in a fairly anonymous looking military uniform of some sort. Their names are Jenny and Peter as the photo is signed by them on the reverse. The only uniform insignia of any sort I can see is on his lower right-hand sleeve but not sure what it is ... does anyone out there know more?

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Vintage postcards of the Lake District by G.P.Abraham

I've always had several vintage postcards of the Lake District by the publisher G.P.Abraham but have never shared them as they wer black and white and the scans never seemed to do justice to the postcard. However, a few weeks ago I was delighted to come across some colour postcards by G.P.Abraham, and if anything the scans make the postcards look even better. All the postcard are postally unused so not sure of the date.

Ullswater and Place Fell



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Theme Thursday - Relax

Short of time this week for Theme Thursday, but not much to add really, I think the picture says it all - relax.

Vintage photographic postcard by A.R.Picket of Bexley Heath

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Friday, 5 November 2010

Sepia Saturday - CDV by Beales and Sons of Spalding

A brief departure from vintage postcards for me for this week's Sepia Saturday post, and a venture into CDV's. Whilst I have several CDV's of serious looking gentlemen, and sometimes some quite ferocious looking women, I rarely seem to come across any of children. This youngster looks precariously perched upon some sort of animal hide but the crispness of the border between the white dress and the fur almost makes it look superimposed. I particularly like the slogan on the back of the CDV which reads 'Children Taken By The New Instantaneous Process'.

CDV by Beales and Sons, New Road, Spalding, Lincolnshire

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Vintage postcards - Victorian/Edwardian ladies in bathing costumes

Today's blog entry features 2 artist drawn, vintage postcards of ladies in bathing costumes. The first is a magnificent postcard with vibrant colour in both foreground and an incredible silvery background. The second card is more subtley shaded, but beautifully drawn nevertheless. I suspect the style of each of these cards has a specific name, so if anyone knows please share the knowledge. 

Published by Stewart and Woolf, series number 432

Published by G.A. and Co., series number 915

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Thursday, 4 November 2010

Theme Thursday - Sand

For a change I had quite a lot of choice for a Theme Thursday theme. My challenge this week however was deciding which one(s) to include. I finally settled on these 2 vintage postcards of sandy beaches in Suffolk. I've only been to Southwold once but such a lovely place it definitely needs another visit - particularly the Adnam's brewery. I don't think I've been to Lowestoft, so yet another place to add to the list.

Lowestoft Beach, Suffolk, c.1906

Southwold Beach, Suffolk, published by Raphael Tuck

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