Friday, 12 November 2010

Vintage postcards of the Lake District by G.P.Abraham

I've always had several vintage postcards of the Lake District by the publisher G.P.Abraham but have never shared them as they wer black and white and the scans never seemed to do justice to the postcard. However, a few weeks ago I was delighted to come across some colour postcards by G.P.Abraham, and if anything the scans make the postcards look even better. All the postcard are postally unused so not sure of the date.

Ullswater and Place Fell



As usual, 100's of vintage postcards and vintage magazines on my web site


  1. I'm fond of black and white postcards. They can really show off the subtleties of dark/light/shadow. Lovely!

  2. I haven't been to the Lake District in years. Such a shame because it's a lovely place.

  3. Love the moonlight, beautiful to stand there on a still night. Whenever see Abraham postcards I always think of the brothers taking their huge cameras on rock climbs.


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