Saturday, 20 November 2010

Vintage postcards of Chanctonbury Ring, Sussex

Having recently stumbled across these 2 wonderful vintage postcards of Chanctonbury Ring in Sussex, it's become yet another place to add to my "to be visited" list. Chanctonbury Ring is a hill fort and artifacts found there suggest it was constructed around the 6th or 5th century BC. Various legends surround the ring, including increasing fertility and summoning the devil ... might be tricky though if bits of those rituals get mixed up !! Both postcards are published by J.Salmon Ltd., and although have no artist name or initials on the cards, they do look very like something that A.R.Quinton might have painted - anyone know for sure?

Chanctonbury Ring, Wiston Pond, South Downs

Chanctonbury Ring and Dew Pond

As always, loads more vintage postcards on my web site


  1. I like the composition of the top one. How old are these?

  2. What a lovely find to just stumble over! Thank you for sharing these with us--they're just beautiful.

    Happy PFF!


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