Saturday, 20 November 2010

Sepia Saturday - Weston-Super-Mare

A couple of my favorite sepia vintage postcards are these 2 of Weston-Super-Mare. Neither are postally used so unfortunately I have no idea of the date. Often jokingly called Weston-Super-Mud, I think these 2 postcards dispell that myth somewhat. I wonder if that diving board is still there, or whether health and safety have closed it down ... or even whether the outdoor pool is there?

Weston-Super-Mare, the Bathing Pools and Marine Lake

Weston-Super-Mare, the Swimming Pool

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  1. I am not too familiar with British locations, but I often remember this place mentioned in British comedies. Had always meant to look it up....thanks for sharing!

  2. Salt water pool?

    There once was an enormous pool in San Francisco called the Sutro Baths. Once located near the Cliff House restaurant. All that's there now are some old cement pilings.

    You can go here to see old images of the baths and what's left now.

  3. I wonder about those diving boards too. I remember diving boards (or platforms) like that from my youth, but I haven't seen any like them in a long time. I think you're right - safety and liability concerns may have caused them to meet their demise.

  4. Excellent cards - we seem to have been heading for the same part of the country with our posts this week.

  5. When a day at the seaside had the sea, centre-stage. These days, the sea often appears to have been relegated in favour of the tacky distractions.


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