Saturday, 26 June 2010

C.W.Faulkner vintage postcards

Just a short update today as it seems criminal to be shut indoors when the weather is so good. Today's vintage postcard blog feature if the publisher C.W.Faulkner. Nowehere near as prolific as Valentine, Frith or Raphael Tuck, but the postcards are wonderful. Here are a handful of my favourites ...

River Scene, by the artist G.M., c.1922

Entering Margate Harbour, Kent, by artist D.S.

Clifton Suspension Bridge, Bristol

Bettws-y-Coed, North Wales

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Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Bridges of Great Britain

One of the things I do to take my mind off how steep a hill is when I'm out cycling is to occupy my mind with other activity. So it was about just over half-way up a steep climb on to the Wayfarer's Walk that I decided on today's blog theme ... bridges. I've tried to include my more interesting postcards here, the majority of which are artist drawn, although all with unique styles. I particularly like the artist style in the Tyne Bridge postcards, especially the cars.

Bridge on the Morrow, Monmouth, Wales, c.1918

Tyne Bridge, Newcastle-on-Tyne, by the artist G.W.Blow. Published by Valentine, number A1692.

Bishop's Bridge, Norwick, Norfolk, c.1914

The Canal Bridge, Newbury, Berkshire, c.1904, published by Valentine

Carrick-a-Rede, the Rope Bridge, Country Antrim, Northern Ireland

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Thursday, 17 June 2010

Mills, watermills and windmills

Following my recent departure away from topographical postcards, I have ended up returning to them quicker that I thought ... and I think the cards shown below speak for themselves as to why. I had intended this blog's post to be about windmills, but when I searched my folder for the word 'mill', these beautiful postcards came up, some of which I'd completely forgotten about, so instead I have decided to share these today.

All of the postcards below are artist drawn, although I have only been able to find an artist name on one of them. The C.W.Faulkner panel card is quite an interesting one, printed (or actually possibly mounted) on card several times thicker than a normal postcard.

Water mill, by the artist F.W.Hayes, published by Meissner and Buch, serie 1789

Shiplake lock and mill, Oxfordshire, published by B.B.London Ltd

Agwill Mill, South Devon. Panel postcard published by C.W.Faulkner

Iffley Mill, Oxfordshire, published by S.Hildesheimer, c.1905

Rottingdean Mill, Kent 

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Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Greetings postcards with horseshoes

For today's vintage postcard blog post I have decided to take a break from UK topographical cards and switched theme to greetings postcards, and specifically those containing horseshoes. I particularly like the first one because of its subtle use of colouring ... I've saved you from those which are a bit garish and over the top.

What's interesting though is that the horseshoes are all upsidedown. As a young child I was always told that horseshoes should be displayed the other way up to hold the good luck in ... and I guess if they are used as door knockers then they wouldn't work too well.

If new friends are silver, old friends are gold, c.1908

Birthday greetings

With best wishes, c.1910

A glad birthday, c.1924, published by Philco

As usual, vintage postcards like these and 100's of others can be found on my vintage postcards web site

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

The Trossachs, Glencoe and Skye

The final part of our trip around Scotland took us north-west from Glasgow, through the Trossachs, through Glencoe and on to Fort William and Skye. It was the first time I'd been to Glencoe and have to admit I was totally blown away by the incredible scenery. Skye was amazing too and definitely a place to visit again when we have more time.

Alas we're back home again now and from the 3 manic days I've had back at work this week it almost feels like I need another holiday already, but at least I have these vintage postcards to remind me.

This will probably be the last of my Scotland blog posts for a while, but I need to get my imagination going and come up with a new topic for next week.

Pass of the Trossachs, by artist Ernest Longstaffe, published by Hildesheimer, number 5189

In the Trossachs, "Where Twines the Path", by the artist Brian Gerald, published by Valentine, number A518

Glencoe, the scene of the massacre, by artist E.H.Thompson, published by Valentine, number A677

The Glen of Weeping, Glencoe, by artist B.F.C.Parr, published by Valentine, number A2134

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