Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Greetings postcards with horseshoes

For today's vintage postcard blog post I have decided to take a break from UK topographical cards and switched theme to greetings postcards, and specifically those containing horseshoes. I particularly like the first one because of its subtle use of colouring ... I've saved you from those which are a bit garish and over the top.

What's interesting though is that the horseshoes are all upsidedown. As a young child I was always told that horseshoes should be displayed the other way up to hold the good luck in ... and I guess if they are used as door knockers then they wouldn't work too well.

If new friends are silver, old friends are gold, c.1908

Birthday greetings

With best wishes, c.1910

A glad birthday, c.1924, published by Philco

As usual, vintage postcards like these and 100's of others can be found on my vintage postcards web site


  1. interesting...i always thought one had to keep the open end of a horseshoe pointed upwards to catch good luck and that the luck would be "lost" if the open end faced downwards. looking at these cards, however, i'm thinking that maybe i had this wrong?

  2. It's particularly nice to see these as a group. Very nice. I like your header too!


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