Friday, 16 September 2011

Vintage postcard of Penzance, c.1907

I picked up this vintage postcard a couple of weeks ago in a batch of 200 or so. To be honest I kept moving it lower down in the pile as it's quite tatty, but having taken the time to look at it in more detail this evening, I think it's really quite beautiful. The colours of the sky are incredible and feel very autumnal, which is just about right as the leaves start to turn here in the UK. The postcard is of Penzance, Cornwall, c.1907 and was published by S.Hildesheimer in the Cornish Views series, number 5377. The artist is Robert Gallon.

Vintage postcard of Penzance, Cornwall, c.1907

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  1. Dakotaboo, I think it's absolutely beautiful. Stunning, really. The sky is exquisite. I wonder if it was a "red sky at night" or a "red sky in the morning." I don't see any clues except the possibility that the view knows the view and can tell whether it's facing east or west (or some other direction). Thanks for sharing this beauty.

  2. I think it’s lovely. The building are almost silhouetted and the sunset is reflected in the water too.

  3. Lovely colors. Autumn is here too in the USA.


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