Friday, 1 October 2010

Theme Thursday - Fence

 A very short Theme Thursday entry this week as I've been crazily busy at work. Going through my various photographs, cards, postcards and magazines (at admittedly fairly high speed) these were the only ones which really seemed to fit the subject, but to be homest they are nowhere near as good as most of the other entries I've seen. Hopefully next week will find me with more time and creative energy.

Windsor Great Park, Long Walk

Windsor, Long Walk and Statue

As always, 100's more vintage postcards can be found on my vintage postcards web site


  1. Those old postcard photographers certainly had a way with perspective (I suppose it must have been the odd focal lengths of their lenses). If you revisit scenes today they never seem as expansive.

  2. Lovely images. Thanks for sharing. :)


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