Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Sepia Saturday - Petticoat Lane, London, c.1909

I picked up this great postcard a couple of months ago but somehow it managed to filter its way downwards in my 'share' pile, so I've only just re-discovered it. It features what I imagine would have been a fairly typical scene at the Petticoat Lane Clothes Auction, in East London, c.1909. For anyone not familiar with Petticoat Lane, it is a traditional clothes market in East London, not far from Brick Lane, which dates back to 1608 and is still running today, making it Britain's oldest surviving market.

Petticoat Lane Clothes Auction, London, c.1909

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  1. Hello, What a wonderful photo. All of the faces depict despair accept for the main face in the dark cap towards the middle. He seems to have a secret smile? Perhaps he was aware of the photo snap as he is loking directly towards the camera. No women in Petticoat Lane? strange? I am familar with the name. But had no idea with went back so far in history..
    England, the land of my father. Wonderful!!

  2. I couldn't help but notice the one fellow looking up at the camera - a bit of optimism in an otherwise dark and gray crowd.

  3. Yes I went to this Market Recently.Not as many flat-caps these days!
    A Lovely Photograph.

  4. This is an interesting photograph. It seems that some of the attendees have their attention away from the camera and some are looking toward the camera. Now I want to know more about Petticoat Lane Clothes Auction.


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