Monday, 4 October 2010

Vintage postcard - Forget-Me-Not

Another single entry postcard today, but this one was so 'special' I thought it deserved its own blog entry. Given the presence of the Union Jack and the heart-wrenchingly sad poem, I assume it was intended to be given or sent from (or to) someone going off to war. The postcard is postally unused so unfortunately there's no indication of date, although I would assume it's World War II. The postcard is in pretty good condition so I'm assuming that it was given from someone departing, or if it was taken into battle then it was treasured and kept safe. There is however not written greeting on the back so perhaps it was bought and never given ... I guess the possibilities are endless.

The poem reads ...

I hope you'll not forget me
I always think of you
And remember all the happy times
We've often had we two
I want so much to see you
I miss you such a lot
But I'll be content if you promise that you'll
Forget Me Not


  1. Beautiful and great for Memorial Day. Happy PFF

  2. That's an interesting postcard. Mine is up - My PFF Entry.

  3. This looks much older than WWII - it probably predates WWI as well. The Confederate Flag makes me think it was printed for "Decoration Day" - the original Memorial day that honored the dead from the Civil War - both Union and Confederate. Nice addition for Memorial Day!

  4. Great card, and I think it fits in with the Memorial Day theme just fine.

  5. I too think this is older than WWII. Wonderful card and poem. Great Decoration Day card. Thanks for sharing... Happy PFF!


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