Friday, 4 March 2011

Sepia Saturday 64: Cattle

Thanks Alan for giving me an albeit tenuous link to the Peak District in his latest Sepia Saturday posting, but instead I'm going to stick with the cattle theme. I seem to have accumulated quite a few of these type of postcards over the years. Whilst not sepia, theyseem to fit.

Highland Cattle, Olio postcard, c.1926

Mountain Solitude, by the artist Sydney Hayes

River Scene, published by Photochrom

The Calm Pleasures of the Pasturing Herd, Wildt and Kray postcard, c.1910

Ellen's Isle, Loch Katrine, by artist Ernest Longstaffe

A Mountain Pass, Ben Venue, published by S.Hildesheimer, c.1906

The Road to the Isles, published by Valentine

Glendalough, Conemara, published by S.Hildesheimer

Noonday Heat, by artist Ernest Linzell, c.1908

Sorry if this was a lot of postcards in one hit but I couldn't choose which of them I liked best so decided to share them all.

As usual loads of vintage postcards can be found on my web site


  1. A great set of cards; some of these beasts have attitude and it shows. I enjoyed this post immensely.

  2. Wow, I've never seen this many cattle postcards in one place - and beautiful ones at that. The Road to the Isles card above is a real standout. Noble looking animals and great colors.

  3. A great set of postcards, I love the colours in them. My favourite is Mountain Solitude.

  4. These are wonderful and help me put into context the two old prints I have that once hung in my Scottish grandparent's home. One shows cattle next to a loch, the other sheep. Thanks for posting these.

  5. Goodness! What can one say to all those but "Moo!" LOL

  6. Oh these are lovely and stunning and so peaceful in style photos of some fine cows! I have a fondness for their photos especially. You can almost feel the water on their feet...their photos always leave me smiling! Maybe it goes back to my you'll see in my post about the cows!

  7. Some of these are so artistic, much like they could be paintings hung on a museum wall somewhere. I have not seen any similar postcards.

  8. That's quite a collection of cows. I like the ones with the largest cow images best.

  9. I do miss the vintage look of postcards. Today's postcards are so sterile and lacking in emotion. Thanks for posting these. Even the cattle look lovely in the old style.

  10. Great cards : I am sure there is one a bit like those in Uncle F's collection. Mind you, by the time I find it that annoying Blog administrator will have changed the theme again.

  11. I didn't know they could make cows in landscapes to be so romantic in style. They are all wonderful cards.

  12. The cows are so romantic! Your collection is awesome! Thanks for sharing and for the inspiration. I will stumble upon your blog.


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