Thursday, 17 March 2011

Theme Thursday - Luck

Well given it's March 17th, St. Patrick's day, 'Luck' was a great theme to chose for this week's Theme Thursday. Unfortunately I do not have anything Irish to share, but I do have some items related to 'luck'. Here are some vintage postcards featuring a good luck greetings. I normally don't take much notice of the fairly bland multiview ones, but on scanning in the first postcard was quite amused by the facial expression of the cat - looks like he's had some kind of shock.

Good Luck from Aberdeen, c.1959

Best of Luck from Newcastle-on-Tyne

 Good Luck from Ramsgate, c.1954

Cheerio! Good Luck from Inverness

Hundreds more vintage postcards can be found on my web site


  1. I notice that all but one of your "Good Luck" post cards have a dog or cat & are posted in the 1950s. The last is a Scotty dog from 1846. Was this design traditional for the time, the country or what?

  2. Love the kitty with the bow from Aberdeen :)

  3. Oh how cool. And all with cats or dogs (or was that intentional?)>

    Neat post, thanks


  4. Nice blog, I'm happy I found it :-)

  5. The cat from Aberdeen is so funny! Very cute.

  6. I love these! I haven't seen ones like them before.


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