Saturday, 5 March 2011

Great Yarmouth Pavilion and Bandstand

Today I thought I'd share a vintage postcard of Great Yarmouth in Norfolk, c.1906. I think in the past I blogged about bandstands and pavilions, and these are great examples of them, both of which still seem to be standing and in active use today.

Great Yarmouth, Wellington Gardens and Pavilion, c.1906

As well as the great view on the front of the postcard, it also has a squared circle postmark from Melton Constable one. I assumed Melton Constable must have been a fairly small place as I'd never heard of it before. A bit of research showed that it had a population of just 518 in 2001 but at its heyday in 1911 had a population of 1,157. Once the junction of 4 railway lines, which is how the village grew, it now has no railway at all and even the station has been recently demolished. On a more positive note however, I have just read that it may be re-opened as part of the Norfolk Orbital railway, which would be great news indeed.

Melton Constable squared circle postmark

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  1. bandstands and pavilions ... such wonderful places for folks to congregate ... see their neighbors, check out the newest fashion and music! so many small towns that were built on the rails and died on the rails. would be wonderful if the railroad made a return. happy pff

  2. They built things of such beauty way back when! This is exactly the kind of creation I wish they had more of over here in America!

  3. I loved this post. The history is fascinating to me--I've loved history all my life--and the idea of this beautiful place being used again delights my heart.

    Happy PFF!

  4. It's great that they are still in use today. So often they're left to fade away.

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