Friday, 11 February 2011

More postcards from the tatty pile

Following from all the great comments in reactions to last week's post, I've decided to blog again this week from my 'tatty' pile. These 3 are all artist drawn, vintage postcards. My favourite is the middle one - I think the creases contribute well to the picture. The artists Arthur de Breanski and S.Endacott do not seem to turn up very often, and I think I only have a handful by each ... and as for E.W.Haslehurst, I'm pretty sure this is the only postcard I have.

Clovelly, Devon, by the artist S.Endacott, published by Worth and Co.

Stormy Sea, by the artist Arthur de Breanski, published by C.W.Faulkner, c.1925

Lynmouth, by the artist E.W.Haslehurst, published by Mansell

As usual, 100's more vintage postcards on my web site ... and don't forget to check out my vintage magazine blog and my in search of space blog


  1. The linky is not up yet, so I'm using last weeks blog hop to stop by and see what's being posted today. I love your postcards. I do not know a lot about the artists that did such wonderful work, I just know what I like when I see it. Grand portraits and the hours it must have taken for each one.
    Happy PFF!

  2. Thanks for posting these gorgeous cards. They remind me of the walks though England which I did a few years ago with my son. This year we'll go to Ireland. Happy PFF!

  3. Tatty but lovely. What a pity Haslehurst does not appear very often on cards.

  4. Tatty or not, these are beautiful!!

  5. as I looked at the cards, I too thought the creases added to the stormy sea card. I thought they were lightening or St. Elmo's fire until I looked more closely. I love the first card - a very oriental style

  6. I like the middle card best too, but the Clovelly one does give a different perspective to the village from the usual.

  7. The first thing that came into mind when I saw your third card was that on 16th August 1952 Lynmouth was hit by catastrophic floods; many lives were lost.

  8. I saw all the three post card all are are really awesome . I like the second one post card and where the people are looking the lightening and the storm in the sea . And third one is also good but it is a nature post card .

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  9. I love the Clovelly one - it has a slightly Japanese feel, probably because of the trees. Very pretty :-) Jo

  10. ENDACOTT has a very oriental flair in his composition. much liking this!!
    thanx 4 sharing!!


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