Thursday, 16 December 2010

Theme Thursday - Map

Apologies for perhaps the lack of imagination in my entry this week, but it was quick and easy (note to self - must make New Year resolution to address work-life balance). It's a vintage postcard showing a map of South Wales. Nice to see the Gower Peninsula on there as I spent lots of time there in my youth.

As usual, 100's more vintage postcards in my web site


  1. Some years ago my friends and I got lost on the Gower Peninsula. We were looking for an aquaintance who had moved there. We never found him.

  2. Hm, your map reminds me of the SW corner of Martha's Vinyard island (U.S.). I'll have to see if I can find a link to show you. :) Nanc's+vinyard&hl=en&num=10&lr=&ft=i&cr=&safe=images&tbs=

  3. nice...reminds me of the maps we had when we were kids with little pictures of the places on them...neat take...


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