Thursday, 9 December 2010

Sepia Saturday - Edinburgh Museum of Antiquities

To continue with the Edinburgh connection that Alan started this week, my offering for this week's Sepia Saturday is a sepia, vintage postcard of the Edinburgh Museum of Antiquities, published by Wrench and dating back to the early 1900's. Admittedly I only undertook the briefest of internet research but I couldn't work out whether this bulding is still standing. A museum of the same name still seems to exist but would appear to look nothing like this. Hopefully there's someone "in the know" reading this who can help.

For anyone interested, there are loads of vintage postcards of Scotland on my web site


  1. That's a great card. It's a good few years since I was in Edinburgh but I have a feeling that the building still does exist. I am sure that someone will give us a definitive answer before the weekend is out.

  2. I love the photo and the story but have no idea since I have never been there. I am loving these items and stories you all are finding though. blessings

  3. The postcard shows a building on the junction of the Mound and Princes Street. The National Museum of Antiquities was founded in 1858 and moved from the Mound to the Finlay Building, Queen Street in 1891 and has since amalgamated with the Royal Scottish Museum. The buildings in the postcard were remodelled in 1912 and house the Royal Scottish Academy and the National Gallery of Scotland. They have a very smart restaurant and do lovely cakes! :-) Hope this helps. Jo (ImagesPast)

  4. What a fantastic building. They sure don't build 'em like that anymore! How nice to get the update from Jo.

  5. I'm never sure whether to admire the postcards or what's pictured in the postcards. This time I'm choosing to admire the building. It's positively fabulous. Those columns create such a beautiful rhythm.

  6. and Jo saves the day!
    glad to hear such a monument still exist and has not perished under the wrecking ball...


  7. I really like the looks of this building. Nothing in the new country would ever compare to it.


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