Sunday, 23 October 2011

Sunday Stamps 41 - the Philippine Islands

As Sunday Stamps continues its journey around the globe, I was initially stumped to find something relevant. I was sure I had plenty of Japanese stamps to share, but either I was imagining it or I was looking in the wrong place. Fortunately however the Philippine Islands came to my rescue, so here a a few stamps from there.

4 pesos stamp from the Philippine Islands

Two 6s stamps from the Philippines (Pilipinas) showing Jose Rizal



  1. Rizal sounds like an amazing man, and it's nice to see what he looked like.

  2. Philipine Islands part of the USA; I never knew that. I must check the connection.

  3. Sunday Stamps is celebrating Rizal this week, nice to compare these with the other issue. A unique person.

  4. Wonderful to see more stamps of rizal - amazing man.


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