Sunday, 16 October 2011

Sunday Stamps 40 - Mainland Asia

Last week was a bit of a blur and I managed to miss Sunday Stamps, so was pleased to see a theme that I could contribute to this week. The first stamps below are a block of four, black 1c stamps dating back to 1937.

Malaya, Straits Settlements, c.1937

 The second set of stamps are commemorating the Silver Wedding Anniversary of George VI and the Quenn Mother.

Malaya, Malacca, c.1948 

The geography of these states at the time is, to me, a little confusing in places, but I think I'm right in saying that Malacca was one of the British Straits Settlements, along with Dingding, Penang and Singapore. Malay itself comprising of the Federated Malay States, the Unfederated Malay States and the British Straits Settlements. I'm quite sure however that it's a lot more complex than this so when I can find the time perhaps I'll have to do a bit more in depth research, but hopefully the lovely stamps can make up for any shortcomings in my research to date.



  1. Yes they are great stamps. thanks for participating!!!

  2. Singapore was definitely included in the Straits Settlements and became part of the Malaysia Federation from 1963 to 1965 before becoming an independent republic in the British Commonwealth. I don't know about the others.
    These are fine stamps you have shown - I have never seen one with Straits Settlements on it before.

  3. You know more about the geography than I do. "Dingding" is a funny name, at least in English.

  4. Cool stamps and short history story.

    Also I just wanted to let you know that Theme Thursdays weekly theme is being put up on Sundays and then everyone can post on Thursday. Please stop on by to see this weeks theme. Thanks again for joining in.

    God bless.

  5. The Portuguese conquered the Sultanate of Malacca in 1511. In 1641 the Dutch defeated the Portuguese and they became the new rulers of Malacca. It was ceded to the British in 1824. After the dissolution of their crown colony, Malacca became part of the Malayan Union, which later became Malaysia.


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