Sunday, 2 October 2011

Sunday Stamps 38 - British Architecture (Cathedrals) c.1969

Well, coming from Europe and having a reasonable number of British stamps, I was spoilt for choice for my submission for this week's Sunday Stamps. I did originally think of sharing some Victorian stamps, but although interesting the colours are quite muted, so I decided to jump forwards 100 years and share a First Day Cover from Elizabeth II's reign in 1969. I'm not quite sure why the theme, whilst claiming to be 'architecture' is exclusively Cathedrals. I would have thought that there were plenty of other great architectural feats like palaces and bridges which could have been equally good candidates.

First Day Cover, British Architecture, c.1969

The architectural feats pictured on the stamps are clockwise from top left:

Durham Cathedral
York Minster
St. Paul's Cathedral
Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral
Canterbury Cathedral
St. Giles Edinburgh

and the cover itself shows Coventry Cathedral.



  1. I really like the architecture stamps!

  2. I took a course on the history of architecture way back about that time. I think churches are considered more important architecturally.

  3. Very impressive. Freemasons at work...and masons, too.

  4. Lovely stamps! I've been to St. Giles - very impressive. Thanks for sharing.

  5. This is the type of set that we do so well. Durham and York are near to me.


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