Friday, 26 August 2011

Theme Thursday - Work

I think I blogged this postcard way back in 2009, but it seems to fit this week's Theme Thursday work quite well, so please forgive me for re-posting it. The postcard shows the dinner hour at the Huntley and Palmer's Biscuit Factory in Reading, Berkshire. I remember as a young child my father, although working in the Civil Service rather than a factory, would always come home for lunch. For most of us I suspect those days are long gone. Many of us have long commutes to work, some stay away during the week, and the thought of coming home for lunch seems quite alien now. In fact even having a lunch hour is quite a challenge, with many people grabbing a quick sandwich and returning to their desks to drop crumbs between the keys of their laptops. On the flip side of the coin though, many of us are fortunate enough to be able to work from home sometimes, so we're already at home for lunch. This postcard also has a feel of the 1960's/1970's kids' TV show  'Trumpton', or was is 'Chigley', about it, where a whistle blew at the end of the day and all the factory workers left for the day and danced.

Dinner Hour at the Huntley and Palmers Biscuit Factory, Reading, Berkshire


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  1. That's such a great building, I used to regularly see what still existed of it in the mid-1980s (the buildings opposite were already gone) and of course I didn't really appreciate it then. I have no idea what is there now, probably more roads and ring-roads.

  2. it was Chigley - look for The Six O'Clock Whistle on YouTube and it'll bring back more memories!


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