Sunday, 28 August 2011

Sunday Stamps 33 - Southern Rhodesia Royal Visit 1947

Thanks for everyone's comments and interest from my last week's Sunday Stamps posting. As this week's Sunday Stamps is 'themeless' I've decided to share a few more from Southern Rhodesia. These stamps commemorate the royal visit of 1947 by King George VI and the Queen Mother on the red 1d stamp, and Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret of the green 1/2d stamp. I must have bought these stamps separately at some stage in the past as I'm pretty sure they weren't part of those I inherited as they look very clean and unused. They're probably not as interesting as others I've shared as there's no indication of their history as they're unused, but I guess they have a history of their own ... like how did they make it out of a post office in Southern Rhodesia and back to the UK ... or maybe they were part of the stamp collection of someone living in Southern Rhodesia ... or maybe these stamps were printed in the UK and never made it to Rhodesia in the first place.

Southern Rhodesia Royal Visit, 1947

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  1. There is a history lesson in all stamps from Southern Rhodesia apart from the Royal connection in these.

  2. ever since ive read this post ive been trying so hard to remember where I have come across the name of Rhodesia...whether it be a song or a movie or book or...but im pretty sure this name rings a bell, and not until now I knew it was related to a place in Africa...thanks for the lesson!

  3. I think they must have all gone on a lot of visits there seem to be a lot of countries featuring them. You are right, strange how they end up back in Blighty.

  4. Or maybe a stamp collector bought them from a stamp dealer.

  5. With these stamps and English stamps I get confused - d means pennies (old penny) doesn't it?

    Thanks for participating!

  6. The double cameo style stamps are always so attractive. Thanks for sharing these with us.


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