Saturday, 27 August 2011

Vintage Postcard for National Dog Day

Great postcard today on this week's Postcard Friendship Friday. National Dog Day is another commemoration I've not come across before. I don't have many postcards of the canine variety but thought that this one fitted the bill quite nicely. It's a Prince Charles Spaniel, by the artist N.Drummond. The postcard was published by Raphael Tuck and dates back to 1921.

Prince Charles Spaniel by the artist N.Drummond, c.1921

As usual 100's more vintage postcards on my web site


  1. Oh, my goodness--SO darling! Thank you for sharing--and happy Postcard Friendship Friday!

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  3. Lovely postcard! Who can resist that cute, furry creature?

  4. Cute. I had to work at finding a dog card but I had one.
    Happy PFF.

  5. A dog with its own cushion, so suits the King Charles.


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