Friday, 3 September 2010

Sepia vintage postcards - anonymous people

My contribution to this week's Sepia Saturday post features a handful of sepia vintage postcards I have picked up over the years of anonymous people. I wish I knew more information about these cards but even looking up the photographer and studio name on the first one has yielded multiple possibilities. I thought the one published in the "reality series" would be easier to track down information, but alas a google search seemed to return just reality TV shows. Others like the rural/farm scene I've guessed as to what it is ... if anyone thinks it's not hop-picking please let me know. If I had to guess at a county I'd say Kent as I remember travelling there as a child to see relatives and there were lots of oast houses.

This week it's actually quite hard to pick a favourite as they all have different appeal. At a push I'd probably say that the rural scene one is my favourite as I've not come across any like this before, but I'm also quite taken by the lady on the bike and also the moustaches on the final postcard, whose size seems to be relative to the age of the person wearing it.

Man posing next to a stone pillar, photographed by P.Brierley, Empire Studio (possibly in Oldham?)

Rural scene of a family picking hops (I think)

Vignette style postcard of a lady on a bike

A family portrait, published in A&G Taylor's "Reality Series"

As always, 100's of vintage postcards can be found on my vintage postcards web site


  1. There are some fine cards there. That first portrait is so typical of the time. All photographic studios must have had one of those ubiquitous decorative pillars although where they got them from I can't imagine.

  2. These are fun! I especially like the farm family. Lots going on there and amazing the dog stayed still long enough to not be blurred.

  3. Looks like hops to me! We have some growing here on our farm.

  4. They are all wonderful, the one of the lady on the bike is gorgeous but I love the family out in the fields to, there are so many families in formal settings but this country one is so interesting.

  5. These are all lovely. The hop pickers is my fav.

  6. Some great cards. The hop picker family had a beautiful dog, but my favorite family is the last one. The father looks so distinguished and there are so many children!

  7. Ah! I had a UPP (Ubiquitous Photographer's Pillar) in one of my photos today, too. I'm guessing it made the subjects more relaxed, gave them something to lean on, etc.

    If I had to pick a favorite, it would be the rural family photo. It's far more evocative than the formal portraits. My imagination instantly begins conjuring a life story for the family to fit the picture.

    Wonderful collection. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Yes, they look like hop pickers. Quite likely on an annual working visit from the East End of London.


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