Friday, 17 September 2010

Vintage postcards of the Isle of Man

Once again my vintage postcard blog takes me to somewhere where I've never been ... this time it's the Isle of Man. It's probably somewhere I should have visted as, being situated in the Irish Sea between mainland Britain and Ireland, it's not that far away from me.

My favourite from this small batch is probably the Lighthouse with the steam ship in the distance, closely followed by the sailing ships at Bradda Head.

Laxey Wheel, Isle of Man, c.1905

This water wheel was built in 1854 to pump water from the mineshafts. It also goes by the name of "Lady Isabella", who was the wife of Charles Hope, the island's governor.

Douglas Promenade, Isle of Man, published by Horrocks and Co.

The reverse of the card contains the printed annotation that reads "This is one of 40 views given away free with Wood-Milne Shoeshines. 3d and 4 1/2d per tin. The Worlds Best Boot Polishes."

Lighthouse, Douglas Head, Isle of Man, c.1910, published in the Manx Camera Series

Bradda Head, Port Erin, Isle of Man, c.1903, published by Delittle, Fenwick and Co.

As usual, 100's of vintage postcards can be found on my vintage postcards web site

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  1. That's some very nice, rich color on that Laxey Wheel postcard.


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