Thursday, 9 September 2010

Theme Thursday - Reason

I've not posted to Theme Thursday before but see no REASON not to ;-)

The REASON for sending these postcards is very clearly to wish a Happy Birthday to the recipient. Vintage birthday postcards can tend to be a bit garish at times but these 2 are just about right. I particularly like the intricate detail of first one.

100's more vintage postcards like these can be found on my vintage postcards web site


  1. Welcome to Theme Thursday : for all the right reasons it is good to have you on board.

  2. Auctions, and garage sales over here, in America, where I live are often stuffed with old boxes or baskets with old photographs and postal cards. Of those, the best ones are the penny postal cards as those were written in this country during World War II and that was the time when I was growing up. And it only cost 1 cent to mail it anywhere in this country. After visiting Alan's blog and now this one, I will have to start buying some of those discarded collections.

  3. nice. that is the third vintage postcard post of the morning...i find them fascinating though..i find your reasoning good...smiles. happy tt!

  4. Here! Let me introduce you to Alan Burnett! I think you will get along swimmingly!

  5. these postcards are lovely, lovelier than almost any card I've ever found in a card shop...

  6. Welcome to your first post to this meme. I am not really into vintage cards, even though they are attractive. I do have one old card in my family memorabilia though, which was sent to my mother from her mother in 1942 when she turned 21.

    Once again, welcome ...


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