Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Vintage postcards of Egypt

Today's vintage postcard blog entry covers vintage postcards from Egypt, and in particular those featuring boats and ships on the Suez Canal or the River Nile. My favourite one is the first one as the card along with the message evokes an image in my mind of travel 100 years ago. My assumtion is that the person who wrote the postcard is on the ship and the note on the front of the postcard which tells us that Arthur has passed through the Suez canal, and has made his way down to Colombo, the capital of what was then called Ceylon but now Sri Lanka. My guess is that he would be travelling on to India or possibly even to the Far East.

Une vue du canal de Suez (a view of the Suez Canal), Egypt

Back of the postcard shows an advertisment for Michel Handras, Egyptian cigarettes, and a pink, six cents Edward VII stamp, so posted in the 1902 - 1911 timeframe.

Port Said, the Port and Office of the Suez Canal Co., Egypt.

This postcard is postally unused so unfortunately I have no idea about date - suggestions welcome. I love the subtle colours on this postcard, particularly the contrast between the pink hue of the low sky, and the sea.

The Suez Canal, at the Curve of El Guirsh, Egypt

Again this postcard has not been posted so no clues to the date. Similar postcards I've seen suggest the 1920's or 1930's.

I have recently acquired about 50 postcards of Egypt which I've scanned in but need to find a quiet hour or so to get them on to my web site. In the mean time you may like to see my other vintage postcards on my vintage postcards web site

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