Friday, 3 September 2010

Guest Heart Thursday - Cupid's Darts

Apologies for posting this entry 'out of season'. I'm usually a firm believer in keeping Christmas in December but when I found this vintage postcard yesterday I immediately thought of the Random Hearts blog. The heart is not exactly random but there's so much going on in the postcard it's not immediately obvious. The postcard dates back to 1906 and was published by J.Welch and sons of Portsmouth.

100's more vintage postcards can be found on my vintage postcards website


  1. Absolutely marvelous! LOVE this card - it's perfect for Guest Heart Thursday!!! Thank you for sharing it!

  2. Beautiful card - and interesting to see romance emphasized on a Christmas card.

  3. This is wonderful! Just perfect for Guest Heart Thursday--I adore this postcard. You're right--there's a LOT to see here!

    Happy GHT!

  4. Interesting that it is not a VALENTINE.... rather Christmas and New Years... I think this definitely is random!!! TFS

  5. it looks very much like the two couples are either side of a kissing gate appropriate!


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