Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Franco-British Exhibition 1908, vintage postcards

Inspired by this week's Sepia Saturday I have decided to re-post this blog post from 2010 ...

Over the few years that I've been collecting vintage postcards I have found a variety of different cards from the 1908 Franco-British Exhibition. The exhibition was held in the White City area to the west of central London, and had something in the region of 8 million visitors. Most of the buildings which made up the exhibition are long gone and during my research I was dismayed to find that the last remaining buildings were demolished and replaced by a shopping centre.

My favourite card is probably the first one, the bird's-eye view, as it gives a fantastic impression of the size and scale of the event 100 years on. The Flip-Flap card comes a close second, primarily for the crowd admiring it in wonder.

I notice from my reasearch that other attractions included an Irish village and a Sengalese village, amongst many others, so I'll be keeping an eye open for postcards of those.

Bird's-eye View, Franco-British Exhibition, 1908, published by Raphael Tuck, series number 3524

In Elite Gardens, Franco-British Exhibition, 1908, published by Valentine

Fine Art Palace, Franco-British Exhibition, 1908, published by Valentine

Court of Honour Illuminated, Franco-British Exhibition, 1908, published by Raphael Tuck, series number 3524

Palace of British Applied Arts, Franco-British Exhibition, 1908, published by Bonnett and Schum

Flip-Flap, Franco-British Exhibition, 1908, published by Valentine

Western Lagoon, Franco-British Exhibition, 1908, published by Valentine

French East Africa Palace, Franco-British Exhibition, 1908, published by Valentine

As always, 100's more vintage postcards can be found on my vintage postcards web site

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  1. Nice collection! I hope you find some more out there. My favorite is the "Western Lagoon". I need one of those lagoons around my house. I wonder if it would improve my property value.

  2. Thanks for showing these again. I missed them the first time.
    I had never heard of this exhibition at all.

  3. The Birds-eye view really gives a good idea of what it looked like. I think the flip-flap is my favorite.

  4. Well I likethe flip-flap too, but just what is a flip-flap?

  5. Love these postcards.

  6. I confess I'd never even heard of the exhibition until today. What a shame none of those beautiful buildings remain.

  7. This is fascinating. What a wonderful collection of postcards that you have regarding the exhibition. That place was huge, like a small city or Disney World or something. So, is the Flip Flap a ride like the hammer? It looks way scary. Well, I love your Sepia Saturday post, great job!

    Kathy M.

  8. The flip-flap looks terrifying!

  9. These are wonderful and remind me of a post I did a few years ago about the Panama-Pacific International Exposition in San Francisco in 1915. Only one building exists from the SF exposition, the Palace of Fine Arts. I would certainly like to go back in time and visit each.

    You can see images here of the SF fair and might be surprised how similar they look:

  10. A great selection of images. There were so many national and international exhibitions and expositions : but I suppose that any which co-incided with the great postcard craze would be bound to be well-photographed.

  11. This is a superb collection! I think my favorite is the one done at night; I have a soft spot for illuminated scenes. Were the buildings constructed specifically for the exhibition? As I said in my own post, there's something inherently tragic about buildings which no longer exist. Wonderful post!

  12. Nice cards. I've bought a few old postcards of the flip-flap, an extraordinary device. It looks terrifying.

  13. Hello

    Where do I find a list of contributors to this 1908 exposition? An ancestor of mine was a partner in a firm of saddle and harness makers F Oldaker and Co, based in London. My ancestor who died in 1893 was the head of the Paris branch, which was sold to Hermes in 1895

    1. @Simon - sorry, I did a quick google search but nothing I'm afraid.

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