Thursday, 12 August 2010

Sepia postcards of Oxford and Cambridge

This week's Sepia Saturday post covers the Colleges of Oxford and Cambridge Universities. I have 50 or so vintage postcards of these places but the sepia ones are probably my favourite. Oxford is only about an hour's drive from where we live and a great place to visit ... even more so as I am a huge fan of the Inspector Morse and the Lewis mysteries which were filmed in and around the various Oxford colleges.

Cambridge is more of a hike for us, and despite having relatives living close by, it's not a place we visit very much. Looking at these postcards again makes me think we should make more of an effort to go there again soon.

Oxford from Magdalen College Tower, published by Frith, number 26802

Christ Church, Oxford, published by the Oxford Times

Clare Bridge, Clare College, Cambridge, published by Frith, number 63635

Queen's College and Bridge, Cambridge, published by Photochrom, number 43815

100's more vintage postcards on my vintage postcards web site


  1. Oh aren't they simply BEAUTIFUL!!!
    The third and forth one down remind me of one of my favourite English artists...
    John Constable...
    Oh I love his work! My father was english, so I have a special heart for the scenary there.

  2. That last card is simply stunning. What a heavenly setting.

  3. Very nice Oxbridge collection. We have friends and relatives in Cambridge. The last time we were there, was for the 2005 folk festival. Haven't been to Oxford since the late 90s, when I attended a seminar there. Both lovely places but, Oxford is spellbinding.

  4. beautiful collection!!
    the last one is my fave.

  5. These are beautiful postcards. They are so British! (of course!) We'd be hard-pressed to find scenes like these in the U.S. You don't mention what years they were taken but I'm guessing early 1900s. No cars. Anyway, I'm surprised at how many and how close the buildings are in the first photograph. I like them all but I especially like the 3rd photo with the arches/reflections that make circles, the man standing in his little boat, the fence on the left and the tower/building on the upper right. Just wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing these. Maybe some year in my life I will get to see these places in person.

  6. Beautiful! I've visited Oxford several times. I'm the American lady wandering about looking for the various spots mentioned in Dorothy L. Sayers' mysteries or having a cider at C.S. Lewis's old hangout The Eagle and Child (aka Bird and Baby.)

  7. I've been to both places and it was nice to be reminded of the visits. Except for the traffic they still look much like they did in the postcards.

  8. I love Oxford. I once had a friend, an archaeologist, sneak me into every college so we could visit the grounds and chapels. It was great fun. These look very 1930s. Very Brideshead Revisited.

  9. It is such a classic historic area. The postcards show how great the area is with its wonderful old buildings and bridges.

  10. Wonderful cards. There is such a clarity about them which is sometimes lacking in sepia cards. The first card taken from Magdalen Tower is my favourite. I always think that whilst Cambridge might win on looks, Oxford wins on atmosphere.


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