Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Vintage postcards of Blackpool

Blackpool is one of those places which generated thousands of different postcards thanks to its popularity as a seaside resort, from Victorian times right through to today. Whilst many postcards from Blackpool are typical beach scenes, or of the famous Blackpool Tower or the Blackpool Ballroom, these two caught my eye as they are strikingly different than others I have seen. The colours are magnificent and remind me more of a vintage French advert for the Cote d'Azur than for Blackpool ... particularly the amazing colour of the sky. I imagine the promenades are considerably more busy today than when these were produced, but I like to think that perhaps that tram in the 2nd postcard is still running in some form or another.

Three Promenades, North Shore, Blackpool, c,1954, published by Valentine, number H5552

North Pier, Blackpool, c,1939

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  1. You're right; this could just as well be Cannes or Nice.

  2. Back again. Just wanted to let you know...I was under the impression that I had already listed you in my links for other postcard blogs. I realized today that you were missing from the list, so I added you. I'm just sorry for the delay!

  3. Hi Christine, thanks for adding my blog as a link - much appreciated.


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