Friday, 10 June 2011

Vintage postcard of Jersey, Channel Islands

This week's Postcard Friendship Friday choice comes from a recent batch of vintage postcards that I've only just managed to find time to sort through. It's of Portelet Bay in Jersey, the Channel Islands ... which is yet another place I have only 'visited by postcard'. The style of the postcard looked very familiar but I was surprised to discover that it was by an artist new to me, C.G.Blampied.

Portelet Bay, Jersey, Channel Islands


As usual, 100's more vintage postcards on my web site


  1. I'm envisioning the watercolorist sitting along the shore, ocean breeze blowing, sun behind their back, enjoying their day and their finished project.

  2. It does kind of look like a watercolor, doesn't it? Neat card regardless. I'm a sucker for these sea/landscapes which are not photographs.

  3. I think I can paint neat using water color. Maybe if I have enough creativity, I will be able to present something like this too. Oh well, the postcard is so cute and pretty. I wish someone will give this postcard to me. My entry for Postcard Friendship Friday is up - My PPF Entry.

  4. I really like this card. Beautiful color. Give me the ocean .. yippee!!! Happy PFF!

  5. Beautiful! Love the artwork - it's something I can not do myself. Happy PFF!

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