Sunday, 26 June 2011

Sunday Stamps 25: Summer (butterflies)

When the theme for this week's Sunday Stamps theme was announced as 'summer', and in particular butterflies, I knew I had just the stamps to share. This is a First Day Cover from 13th May 1981, and features the Small Tortoiseshell, the Large Blue, the Peacock, and the Chequered Skipper. We get a few butterflies in our garden, but not that many ... which is just as well as the cats seem to like chasing them

First Day Cover, Butterflies, 13th May 1981

I must admit however, that the background colours on the butterfly stamps made them look a little drab. In terms of summer stamps I prefer this second First Day Cover, from 16th January 1980, showing British Birds ... Kingfisher, Dipper, Moorhen, and Yellow Wagtail.



  1. I love the blue butterfly. Makes me think of fairytales! :)

  2. I think the butterflies look better in real life but that series of birds was lovely, I thought.

  3. Oh they're so lovely :-D
    I like those with the birds more too. Butterflies scare me a bit, even if they're beautiful, but maybe with that background you can't see them really well :-)
    And you have cats? :-)
    I saw a wagtail when I was there, they're cute ^^

  4. The large blue and the peacock seem to be popular for stamps.

  5. Yes the Birds issue was a lovely one, captures summer wonderfully, kingfishers sitting by the riverside.


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