Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Vintage postcards of Tiger Hunting

I'm certainly not condoning this, but thought these vintage postcards of tiger hunting, c.1922, offered an interesting, if perhaps misguided, glimpse back into the past. They are artist drawn / artist signed, oilette postcards by the artist Edgar H. Fischer, and published by Raphael Tuck, in the 'Tiger Hunting' series number 8780. The text in quotes below each picture is taken from the back of the card; the text after the quotes perhaps not.

"Tiger Hunting - The end crowns all things and after the crowded hour of glorious life spent in the risks, adventure and hair-breadth escapes of tiger hunting, it is good to dismount and inspect a right royal specimen, ten feet at least, from head to tip of tail. We can see at a glance that the skin is beautifully marked and that the sportsman is more than satisfied" ... bet the tiger was mightily cheesed off though!

"Tiger Hunting - Many modes are adopted for killing so ferocious a beast; some very ingenious. The spring-bow which is set so that it is discharged by the animal itself; the pitfall from which it cannot escape; the leaves smeared with bird lime by which the tiger is blinded. Among Europeans however, the sportsmen hunt the tiger mounted on elephants and furnished with a perfect battery of loaded rifles" ... some sportsman eh?

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  1. The art looks very natural. I like this type of postcards very much. But since I use postcards only for my business purpose, I could'n use such designs. I use only creative designs. I get it designed from Postcard Ninjas.


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