Saturday, 6 February 2010

Vintage postcards of flowers

I actually managed to fit in a bike ride and some gardening today, so not much time for the blog, so just a short post regarding some vintage postcards of flowers that have just arrived. Up to today, the only flowers I've had on postcards have been those on birthday greeting postcards, and to be honest slightly tacky. However, the batch of postcards that arrived today have some beautiful, hand drawn flowers, often with detailed descriptions on the back. I've only got time to share a couple this evening but over the next few days hope to get them at list on to a Flickr set ... I'll write a quick blog update with the link once I've uploaded them.

Fleurs des Alpes - Alpenblumen, by the artist Olga Derindingen-Roux, published by C.W.Faulkner, number 183

The Bougainvillia, Lili postcard from Bermuda, number 8, Ektachrome by Bermuda Photo Craftsmen, printed in Scotland by Robert MacLehose & Co. Ltd., Glasgow

The Bougainvillia, named after a French sea adventurer, is a high-climbing, thorny vine from Brazil. A British admiral planted the first vine at Government House in 1876.

Lots more postcards on my vintage postcards web site

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  1. Wow Amazing. Sending Postcards to others make us and them much excited. Its a good feel. I really love to collect many designs.


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