Saturday, 16 January 2010

Vintage postcards of Cambridge Colleges

Over the past week or so I have picked up a few more interesting vintage postcards of the various Cambridge Colleges. I must confess my ignorance at not even having heard of one of them before, Caius College (apparently pronounced 'keys').

Gate of Honour, Caius College, Cambridge, published by V.&S Ltd., in the Homerton series

The Great Court, Trinity College, Cambridge, by the artist W.G.Blackall, published by A. & C. Black Ltd., in the Cambridge series from 'The Charm of Cambridge' by S.C.Roberts.

Real photographic, vintage postcard of Clare College and King's College, Cambridge. Published by Walter Scott, number H83.


  1. I wouldn't have known how to pronounce that without your 'keys' help. These are just lovely!

  2. Thanks Marie - glad you liked them.


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