Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Vintage postcards of Wells-Next-the-Sea, Norfolk

Apart from the enjoyment of acquiring and collecting vintage postcards, one of the additional benefits, for me anyway, is that it furthers my knowledge about different places. I've certainly come across parts of England that I was blissfully unaware of until I started. One of these was Clovelly, in Devon, which I added to my list of places to visit and managed a trip there last Easter, in beautiful weather.

However, for this blog entry I'm going to share a few vintage postcards from Wells-Next-the-Sea, in Norfolk. Until acquiring these postcards the only Wells I'd heard of was the Wells in Somerset. Initially confusing was that one of the postcards is simply called 'Wells' but had a coastline. A bit of digging revealed this to be Wells-Next-the-Sea, which of course does have a coastline, rather than Wells in Somerset, which doesn't.

Wells-Next-the-Sea, the Quay, M&L National Series

Wells-Next-the-Sea, Lakeside Walk, Abraham's Bosom, c.1953, published by Frith, number WLS 25

The Beach, Wells [next the sea], RA series

So all-in-all, it looks a lovely place and one that I hope to get the opportunity to visit in the not too distant future.


  1. There is a town called Wells, Maine that also has many seaside cottages.

  2. I've never been to either ... so many places to visit, so little time.


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