Monday, 26 October 2009

Vintage Postcards - Scotland (Photoblue, borders and backgrounds)

Vintage postcards of Scotland is obviously a broad category but I thought today that I would share some images and thoughts covering a couple of interesting postcard subcategories. The first is 'photoblue' postcards which, although not restricted to Scotland, seem to crop up more frequently than those from elsewhere. The only ones I've come across were published by E.T.W.Dennis and Sons and generally seem to date somewhere in the 1960's. The main features of the postcard, whether they be a port, ships or a beach scene are in black and white, whereas the background, typically the sea and the sky, are shades of blue. I've found both single view and multiview types.

The other subcategory I'll touch on briefly is postcards with decorative borders. Again these are by no means restricted to Scotland, but again those that seem to appear most frequently are. These include postcards with tartan borders, or tartan backgrounds, and also postcards with other highland floral borders such as heather.

See my web pages for more vintage postcards of scotland.

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