Friday, 23 October 2009

Vintage Postcards - Forever Autumn

Well there's no doubt that Autumn (or Fall to my American readers) is most definitely upon us. With all the vibrant colours of the turning leaves and the woodland fungi, it's very much my favourite time of year. And to bring this back to the subject of vintage postcards, there's no shortage of postcards which help celebrate this time of year. Some do this with just colour, whilst others add texture into the mix, like this oilograph vintage postcard of Beeches in Autumn - I almost feel I could step right into that picture.

<- oilograph vintage postcard of Beeches in Autumn

This vintage postcard, along with loads of others, can be found on the vintage postcards page of my web site. Feel free to have a look to see what I've got on offer, and make my day by buying one or more.

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