Monday, 12 October 2009

Introducing my vintage postcard collection

Having had a home grown, multi-subject blog of sorts on my own web site for a while now, I've decided to try my hand at creating one using blogger which is more centred around vintage postcards.

Vintage postcard of Tower Bridge, London by the artist Frank H Mason.

By way of an introduction, I suppose I became interested in vintage postcards about 3 years ago, by accident, when I picked up a handful in a local antique market. It soon became apparent to me that there was a huge interest for these, covering all sorts of specialist areas, publishers, postcard styles, postcard artists, and even right down to the different postmarks used. I'm still very much learning about postcards but can't resist picking them up every time I get a chance. Many I keep for myself for my personal collection, but others I put up for sale on my vintage postcard web pages or display on Flickr!.

What I plan to do with this blog is to provide regular updates on my latest finds, with links to specific cards which I think may be of interest to others. As I learn more I'll share more. Please feel free to add comments, feedback, encouragement, etc.

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