Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Artist Drawn Vintage Postcards

We Are Four, Blue Persian Kittens, Mabel Gear vintage postcardOne aspect of collecting vintage postcards that has me hooked at the moment is artist drawn, or artist signed, postcards. I've managed to unearth some great postcards by the likes of Brian Gerald, Ernest Longstaffe, Henry Wimbush and W.W.Quatremain, covering mainly landscapes, and Edgar Hunt, Molly Brett, Mabel Gear and Mabel Lucie Attwell covering subjects of a more illustrative nature, e.g. children, nursery rhymes, cats, or normally kittens, and other aminals.

<- We Are Four, vintage postcard by Mabel Gear

Clearly with so many postcard artists I am only beginning to scratch the surface but it's making for an interesting past-time. It's probably Brian Gerald that is currently generating the most interest for me and I've set up a Brian Gerald group on Flickr! ... if anyone has any Brian Gerald postcards they would like to share with a wider audience, please feel free to join and upload.

Kewstoke Woods, Weston-Super-Mare by artist Brian Gerald, published by Valentine, number A869 ->

Feel free to visit my vintage postcard web pages and have a browse around ... and maybe even buy something!

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