Saturday, 1 June 2013

Sepia Saturday 179: Gipsies on the Common, c.1911

I've been out and about today, making the most of our second weekend of summer, with a coastal wander around Lymington so I'll need to keep this week's post short. I'm not so good with the birds, beasts and reptiles which was the main prompt in this week's Sepia Saturday, but I have gone for one of the secondary prompts ... caravans. Interesting that the gypsy way of life was celebrated 100 years ago, whereas it's a rather different story today.

Vintage postcard of Gipsies on the Common, c.1911



  1. A quaint illustration, and indeed the gypsy life is not so romanticized today.

    I'm curious about how these painted cards were produced. Did the printer/publisher commission an artist or buy the paintings? I recently finished a book on Adolf Hitler's early life in Vienna where he subsisted on trust money until it ran out and then began selling his drawings and paintings as postcards. I don't know that they were mass produced, but it was the real starving artist story so I wondered how common it was.

  2. The card gives the impression of people out camping. So adventurous. So "back-to-nature." But I thought gypsies were looked down upon as thieves. No?


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