Sunday, 13 January 2013

Sunday Stamps 105 - a new beginning (KGVI Coronation)

The obvious stamp for me to share in this week's Sunday Stamps would have been the Penny Black, but having featured one in my previous Sunday Stamps blog post I had to really think about what would be fitting for this week's theme of beginning. I did think perhaps I'd feature some stamps relating to independence but couldn't seem to find them, so instead I decided on a different kind of beginning ... the beginning of the reign of a new monarch in the UK, in this case George VI. The stamp featured below was issued to commemorate his coronation on 12th May 1937.

Coronation of King George VI, 12th May 1937



  1. Thank you for joining in this week. entirely appropriate stamp.

  2. Good choice. I also almost went with this one - glad I didn't now :)
    I think this is such a lovely portrait of them both.

  3. Their coronation was in the week before I was born so that stamp has a special place in my album,

  4. A nice design and a good choice for a beginning.


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