Sunday, 15 July 2012

Sunday Stamps 79 - flags

Flags is another of those themes where I was sure I had plenty of suitable stamps, but to my surprise it actually took quite a lot of looking to find something to post for this week's Sunday Stamps. The three stamps below were issued in 1973 to commemorate Britain's entry into the European Community. The image of the Union Jack flag portrayed as a piece of a tightly fitting jigsaw puzzle is perhaps showing the test of time some 40 years later.

European Communities, c.1973

What I never knew before was that Great Britain tried to join back in 1960 but the application was vetoed by the then French President, Charles de Gaulle, who was concerned about the US influence.



  1. I did not know that about deGaulle blocking UK from joining, either.
    The puzzle is a nice idea.

  2. I don't think de Gaulle wanted us in. It would weaken France's position. 1960 I was just starting work in the steel industry and went to France on an industry exchange scheme. De Gaulle came to visit the USINOR steelworks at Dunkirk while I was there. The workers all left by one gate as he drove in the other.
    Do you know whether the number of pieces in the jigsaw represented the no. of countries in the Community at the time?

  3. @Bob - yes, I think the number of pieces in the jigsaw did represent the 9 members (as of 1973) ... Belgium, Denmark, France, West Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, United Kindom. Denmark and Ireland joined in 1973 along with the UK.

  4. I am learning some interesting history this week!
    Thank you for joining us today.

  5. I wondered when I put two of these on my blog if royal mail would be able to publish a set of stamps like this nowadays without a hoo-ha. They seem to hide away the Europa stamps significance, hope they do better with next years theme of post vans.

  6. Just like Viridian, I'm learning so much just by simply reading the post and the exchange of comments. :)
    --Willa @ Postage Journal


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