Sunday, 1 July 2012

Sunday Stamps 77 - the National Trust, St. Kilda

I wasn't quite sure where to go for this week's Sunday Stamps theme of Scenic Natural Areas but I eventually decided on this first day cover from June 1981 which shows various National Trust locations in the UK. The locations from left to right are:
  • St. Kilda, Scotland
  • Giant's Causeway, Northern Ireland
  • Stackpole Head, Wales
  • Derwentwater, England
  • Glenfinnan, Scotland

The National Trusts, first day cover, June 1981

I am familiar with all of these places except St. Kilda, which I had heard of but knew very little about. It was populated until 1930, but numbers were typically between 100 and 200. It was eventually evacuated for a number of reasons, some accounts say voluntarily, others say forcibly. With book titles like The Truth about St. Kilda it certainly suggests this was not as amicable as other accounts would make out. It now belongs to the National Trust for Scotland, and in 1986 became a World Hertiage site. More information about this incredible story can be found in these books.


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  1. Wow! I remember buying those stamps when they were first issued when I was child!

  2. I'd seen some of the stamps before but not the St Kilda one, they are a lovely design.

  3. I agree with Joy, they are a lovely design. The Glenfinnan one is a knock out. Thank you for participating.

  4. I missed out when these were issued but they are an attractive set.

  5. This is a beautiful set. I have never been to any of these places, but have heard the sad story of St Kilda.

  6. Beautiful sets! Thanks for taking us to that beautiful places.- Willa @ Postage Journal

  7. I like the style of this series of sets!


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