Sunday, 8 July 2012

Sunday Stamps 78 - yellow

I found lots of inspiration for this weeks Sunday Stamps theme of yellow in my stamp collection, but eventually decided on this one. It's a yellow 4d stamp, showing the Jodrell Bank telescope, and was issued in September 1966.

4d Jodrell Bank

The stamp was issued in a set of four stamps commemorating British Technology. I only have two of the set, and if you'll all forgive me straying off theme slightly, I also wanted to share the second stamp in the set, which is an orange 6d stamp showing various British cars, including probably my favourite car of all time, the e-type Jaguar, as driven by Mrs Peel in the Avengers. The other two stamps in the series were a 1s 3d Hovercraft stamp, and a 1s 6d Nuclear Power stamp. Incidentally, the 6d cars stamp is featured in Simon Garfield's book The Error World: An Affair With Stamps where he writes about a rare, errored, version of the stamp which only included the e-type jaguar and not the three minis.

6d e-type Jaguar and 3 Minis



  1. oh yes, I do still lust after an e-type...

  2. E type Jags have also featured in some American movies. thanks for participating!!!

  3. One of my hockey playing friend had a e-type. Everybody wanted to ride to matches with him.
    I though about posting that Jodrell Bank stamp but I had shown it in an earlier post.

  4. I like the designs of these stamps!


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