Friday, 1 June 2012

Postcard Friendship Friday 128 - trees

Again it seems to have been a few weeks since I participated in Postcard Friendship Friday. To make amends I am going to share a few vintage postcards, all in the same set, that I picked up a few weeks ago. Following on from the thoughts of entering June, these vintage postcards show trees in their late spring/early summer glory. They are all published by Ruskin, who is a publisher I have not come across before. They are all postally unused so I'm not sure of the age of the cards but would guess 1960's.

Beech tree


Horse Chestnut

Oak tree

Scots Pine

Sweet Chestnut

Yew tree

More vintage postcards can be found on my web site



  1. What beautiful tree cards - I had to chuckle over the horse standing under the "horse chestnut" - Clever!!!

  2. what a great find...these are stunning! a perfect choice for 1st june... happy PFF!

  3. A lovely set of postcards!

  4. Great set of postcards, I'm not familiar with the printer of any cards, so can't help you there. By their colouring I think you may be pretty accurate with your date.


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