Sunday, 10 June 2012

Sunday Stamps 74 - Halley's Comet

For this week's Sunday Stamps theme of astronomy I have dug out this First Day Cover from 1986, commemorating Halley's Comet.

Halley's Comet is one of the few comets that can be seen without a telescope and is visible every 76 years. It was the astronomer Edmond Halley who first predicted the comet's return and it is named after him.

To celebrate the return of the comet in 1986, the Royal Mail issued four commemorative stamps ...

17p -  Dr Edmond Halley as a Comet
22p -  Giotto Spacecraft approaching Comet
31p -  Twice in a Lifetime
34p -  Comet orbiting Sun and Planets

First Day Cover of Halley's Comer, c.1986



  1. It's so neat to see all 4 stamps together. A great set. thank you for participating.

  2. I do really like the 17p stamp!

  3. I don't think I've seen halley's comet before, I hope to see one in my lifetime. :)

    My Sunday Stamp entry -Willa @ Postage Journal

  4. Nice cover, I like Halley with his telescope on it.

  5. I missed the issue of these as I was working in Norway in 1986 - great FDC.


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