Friday, 22 June 2012

Postcard Friendship Friday 121 - red, white and blue

Just about time during the half-time interval of the latest Euro 2012 football match to submit a post for this week's Postcard Friendship Friday. Taking the red, white and blue theme, I have dug out this heraldic, vintage postcard of Hastings, Sussex, which contains a red, white and blue coat of arms. I particularly like all the people promenading in their Sunday best, and also the bandstand. We visited Hastings last year but I don't remember the bandstand being there still - maybe I'm wrong though - I hope so.

Vintage postcard of Hastings, Sussex, c.1905

More vintage postcards of Sussex can be found on my web site



  1. I am always amazed on the creativity with every coat of arms I see.

  2. What a gorgeous card! It looks to be hand tinted, too. Those old fashions are amazing - can you imagine wearing long sleeve shirts and heavy long skirts to the beach??? Wow!


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